Thursday, July 10, 2014

A little bit of froth

Dualit is one of those brands I think we should all support: iconic designs and – as importantly – stuff that’s made right here in Britain. The company has just announced that they are launching a special pink edition of their classic toaster in October which is, as I’m sure lots of you know, breast cancer awareness month.

Having had my own brush with breast cancer some years ago I don’t really need a special month to make me aware of it, but tie-ins like this are one way of raising money to support various worthy charities. In this case, a charity called the Haven – which has centres in London, Leeds and Hereford providing a wide range of therapies to complement the medical care patients get from the NHS – will get a £20 donation for each toaster sold.

Meanwhile my other half is discovering his inner barista playing with our latest kitchen gadget – Dualit’s milk frother

Maybe the novelty will wear off, but until then I am enjoying my cappuccinos and next time the littlies are here he will be able to magic up babyccinos to amuse them. Who needs Harris and Hoole?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eye, eye

When did you last have your eyes tested? 
I only ask because I learned last week that having a digital retinal photograph taken could alert you to a range of health problems including diabetes.
Many of us, it seems, overlook some of symptoms of this condition – extreme tiredness or getting up to go to the loo in the night, for example – because we assume this just happens as we get older.

Indeed, according to a survey commissioned by ShARP (the Simplyhealth Advisory Research Panel) almost half of those questioned were already displaying one or more warning signs. Yet 53 per cent had convinced themselves that they were at no risk of developing Type 2 diabetes at all!

So why might a retinal scan be useful? Diabetes can damage the retina – the light-sensitive layer of cells at the back of the eye. The damage occurs because a continuously high blood sugar level can cause the tiny blood vessels that supply the retina to become blocked or leak.

And if the blood vessels in your eyes are affected then so, too will the blood vessels be elsewhere in your body – in your kidneys, for example.

My eyes turned out to be fine. Time you checked yours?